Buy Harlequin RIPTrapPro in-RIP Trapping

TrapPro is an automatic, object-based in-RIP trapping solution available as an option for the RTI Harlequin RIP or Prepress Workflow. TrapPro is integrated into the RIP for enhanced workflow efficiency and maximum job throughput. TrapPro offers: enhanced / extended support for metallics and varnishes, Shfill support (both axial and radial fills), full N-color support, smaller memory requirements and faster processing times.

As each color is printed, the possibility of misregistration occurs as the colors fail to line up correctly due to paper shift, paper stretching, an incorrectly aligned press, or other mechanical inaccuracies. To compensate for misregistration, traps can be added to the areas where gaps or overlays are most likely. The automatic, object-based in-RIP trapping solution, TrapPro, increases job quality and productivity by having your jobs automatically trapped by the Harlequin RIP or Prepress Workflow.

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