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Harlequin TIFF RIP software can be used with a wide variety of output devices. The TIFF RIP can output a 1-bit or 8-bit TIFF file which can be used with a wide variety of third party applications and equipment.

The TIFF RIP-Kit includes the ability to output a 1-bit or 8-bit TIFF file. The Harlequin RIP produces TIFF files which are compatible with TIFF 5.0, Classes B (bilevel), G (gray scale), and R (RGB color). CMYK color separations are also supported as defined in the published TIFF 6.0 specification. Users can also set the compression format for TIFF files being output from the RIP using one of the following compression formats: None, CCITT Huffman, CCITT Group 3 (CCITT G3, CCITT T.4), CCITT Group 4 (CCITT G4, CCITT T.6), LZW or Packbits. Convert XPS or PDF files to separated or composite TIFF files using the RTI Harlequin RIP.

Download a sample set of 1-bit TIFF files that have been output using the RTI Harlequin RIP (includes four different compression levels).

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