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inpO2 is a powerful and scalable PDF imposition program built right into the familiar environment of Acrobat Professional. Download your free copy of inpO2 today and start imposing in Acrobat Professional!

Step #1: Install inpO2
Download the appropriate installer depending on your operating system. Once you have downloaded the file, you will need to unzip the folder and run the installer to install the inpO2 program. inpO2 requires Adobe Acrobat Professional 9, 10 or 11.
inpO2 5.0.3 Demo for Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8

inpO2 5.0.3 Demo for Macintosh 10.6, 10.7, 10.8, 10.9 or 10.10

Step #2: Configure inpO2
After you have installed the software, we recommend that you review the following documentation:

User Guides
inpO2 User Manual
inpO2 Getting Started

inpO2 Tutorials Guide

Quick Start inpO2 Automation
Quick Start inpO2 Cut & Stack
Quick Start inpO2 Assembly
Quick Start inpO2 Optimization
Quick Start inpO2 Planning
Quick Start inpO2 Wizard

Video Tutorials
inpO2 Setup and Configuration Tutorial

inpO2 Wizard Module Tutorial
inpO2 Automation Module Tutorial
inpO2 Optimization Module Tutorial
inpO2 Pro and Assembly Manager Tutorial

inpO2 Features and Pricing

inpO2 Basic Imposition Software

inpO2 Basic (Wizard+Layout Editor)
The easy to use and cost effective starting point for the rest of the inpO2 product line. inpO2 Basic is perfect for basic offset and digital printing applications. See below for more information on the Wizard and Layout Editor.

Includes a dongle capable of running on either Windows or Macintosh. inpO2's quick and simple wizard can create imposition for folded or flat work of any size.

Completely integrates within Acrobat Professional 9, 10 or 11
6 step wizard for basic imposition

Single-file jobs only
Wide choice of predefined foldings
Options for gripper area, gutters, bleed, margins and creep
Page/sheet marks, register marks, text tags and density bars
Work and turn available
No maximum sheet size
Macintosh and Windows compatible
The Layout Editor includes a powerful light-table feature
Document Manager

Project Types Include:
Perfect Bound
Step and Repeat
Cut and Stack

inpO2 Pro

inpO2 Pro (Basic+Assembly Planner)
The choice for professionals. inpO2 Pro adds template based assembly for offset and web press printing, along with our inpO2 planner for interactive imposition planning. In addition, other professional features such as page level controls, mark sets, ink merging and more! Network licenses are also available for customers who need multiple seats.

The Assembly Manager is where imposition templates are assembled into booklets and automatically paginated. It offers an intuitive, robust and flexible interface for publication assembly. The unique Assembly Tree view supports the most complex paginations instantly, in a few clicks of the mouse. The Assembly Tree can contain several assemblies displayed in tree-view, in order to separate job parts that will print differently (for example the book cover and its content), or to group two different publications in the same project. The Assembly Tree is highly visual: simply drag and drop templates inside or below other projects to create bindings. Once completed, the imposition may still be modified, either on the light table or by reopened in the Assembly Manager. Pagination is computed by the Assembly Manager based on the folding identified in the templates, and incremented as templates are added to the assembly. For each assembly, creep compensations settings can be applied, and pagination can be configured.

Assembly Planner Includes:
Assembly Manager: Convenient assembly-tree interface to impose projects requiring complex assemblies.
Planning Capabilities: Post-press driven approach to imposition, using press, paper and finishing methods data.
Web Press Capabilities: Easy-to-use interface to create complex layouts for single web presses, half-web presses, multi-web presses, come and go or section stacking.
Professional Feature Set: Complete page control, ink management, mark sets, checkpoints.

Asssembly Planner Features:
Drag & drop of elements to define the assembly
Easy gathering and ordering of booklets in the tree which visually simulates the binding
Powerful creep algorithm
Dynamic property panel for each type of node: assembly, booklet, page range and page
An Insert dialogue to create multiple booklets from one template
Support for multiple assemblies

inpO2 COMPLETE Package

The inpO2 Complete Imposition Package includes the inpO2 Wizard, Layout Editor, Assembly Planner, Optmization, Automation and JDF Export.

Optional Modules

Optimization Module for inpO2 Basic

Added to inpO2 Basic or Pro, the Optimization module makes ganging multiple jobs on a single sheet easy and flexible. Import your files, define your press sheet, quantities, and finishing methods then inpO2 Optimization does the rest. See your run length based on your quantities, paper waste and make adjustments to get just the right layout for your ganging needs.

Optimization Module Features:
Drag and drop PDF jobs, enter the desired run length and select your target output
Override the automated results by changing variables with a simple click of the mouse
Gang as many jobs as needed on just about any format size
Support for any number of product parts (flat or folded) in same press run
Support for any number of press runs in same project
Use of equipment specifications (press and finishing) for layout calculation
Use of paper grain direction for layout calculation
Use of different bleed values for layout calculation
Built-in check points for layout preflighting
Production statistics

Automation Module for inpO2 Basic

Take anything you can do in inpO2 basic and make it as simple as "drag and drop". No limit to the number of workflows that can be defined and each workflow can be set for a specific trim size, or made to be dynamic and change based on the input file. Perfect for customers looking to automate their common imposition work, or Web to Print customers who want to make inpO2 a key part of their overall automated workflow. inpO2 Automation also integrates with well with workflow systems such as Agfa's Apogee, Esko's Odystar or Enfocus Switch.

Automation Module Features:
Drag and drop PDF files into a predefined hot folder to automatically impose common layouts.
Set-up any automated workflow independent of page size or page count.
Integrate inpO2 into an existing workflow using the Hot folders to capture new jobs and direct completed layouts to the next workflow phase.

JDF Export Module for inpO2 Basic

JDF Export Module Features:
Control over JDF data type and version.
Export with cutting parameters for downstream finishing.
Define output settings to integrate with your workflow.

Network Licensing (inpO2 Pro Required)
If you need multiple seats of your imposition solution, our network license option not only can save you money on each additional seat added, it allows you to install inpO2 on as many workstations as you need. Licenses are floating licenses so you can open and use inpO2 on any workstation for as many seats as you own. Only available for inpO2 Pro or above.

What’s new in version 5.0?

With this release, new functions are added to inpO2 base components, so that the product may definitely deserve the title of the most sturdy imposition solution for PDF-based workflows. Main functions involved in the changes are: working on the light table, managing documents, and exchanging files and settings. inpO2 v.5 has been optimized to dramatically reduce processing time during high resolution rendering and output. The following sections highlight the changes in the the v.5 release. 

Page thumbnails and inpO2 Profiles 
PDF page thumbnails can now be displayed, instead of high resolution PDF, for greater performance and ease of use. These quick rendering thumbnails are now part of a new built-in inpO2 Working Profile and can be selected when creating your own custom profiles. Moreover, a default profile can be chosen in the Preferences dialogue. This default will apply each time a new job is created or opened, ensuring more consistency in the display and less mouse clicks. 

Document Manager improvements 
The Document Manager has been revisited for easier management of the run list. It now allows to: • Quickly insert or replace document pages
• Split or merge documents and manage page ranges
• Insert multiple copies of the same pages
• Move documents or pages inside the run list, with drag and drop of single tree nodes
A quick access to the run list is now possible from the contextual menu of the selected page, allowing user to visually set or adjust documents right from the light table. 

"Export to Layout" function 
Customers who need to manually modify jobs generated with the Layout Manager (.mlay) or the Assembly Manager (.ably) can now do so with the “Export to Layout” function available from the File menu. The project will then be flattened and saved as a workable layout (.layt). Any creep compensation of an assembly can be retained or discarded in the resulting layout, which can be freely edited on the light table for custom pagination or other fine tuning. The resulting layout can also be resaved as a multisheet template (.tmpl) to be loaded within the Assembly Manager as a building block for complex multiweb projects. On the other hand, ganging jobs created with the Layout Manager can also be reused on the light table for similar productions. Note: For jobs containing many run lists (ex: many assemblies or in managed layouts), the pagination will be modified as the run lists will be merged into a single one.

Export and Import of inpO2 Presets 
New functions were added for the exchange of inpO2 presets between workstations. The Import or Export can be done for one type of Presets (Sheet, Imported mark...) or globally for all user Presets. Imported Presets can either replace existing ones or can be merged. Should a different Preset with the same name exist, the conflict will be detected and a suffix will be appended to the name. Note: Presets can only be imported if they come from a lesser or equal inpO2 version. 

More settings for marks 
More options have been added to printer’s marks: 
• Text marks can be placed on one or both sheet sides, and may follow or not the work style (turning axis of the sheet) for double-side positioning. 
• Side guides can also follow the work style or not, for better compatibility with various press requirements. 
• A new Preference can be set to place reference marks (trim and bleed marks, sheet center marks, register marks and fold marks) on a determined layer, over or under the page bleed. The marks can thus be clipped at page trim or at page bleed. 

Page-based workflows 
Prepress workflows using single-page PDF files retained a particular attention in this release, as inpO2 now allows to: 
• Handle multiple page adjustments at once using a range of pages. 
• Render an unlimited amount of PDF documents in the same job, beyond Acrobat’s own limitation of 250 PDF files. (For better performance when using a very large amount of PDF files, working locally on the computer is recommended instead of using files on the network, especially on Windows platform.) 

The Wizard has been enhanced with an option for single- or double-sided Text Marks. It is also possible to override the spine gutter value (zero by default) for all bound jobs. 

Tooltips were added in most dialogues to provide quick help and reduce the learning curve. 

Compatibility and performance
inpO2 v.5 can be used with the following: 
• Acrobat 9, 10 and 11
• Macintosh OS 10.6, 10.7 and 10.8
• Windows XP, 7 and 8

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